A boy who lives in Lhoksemaue, Indonesia.

Do 1 Thing and help save a child's life

Every year more than 8 million children die before their 5th birthday. That's one child every 3 seconds. Most of these deaths are caused by basic preventable causes like pneumonia, malaria, diarrhoea, or problems during childbirth. Save the Children's EVERY ONE campaign is about getting healthcare to these children. So if you could do one thing to help save a life, what would you do?



World Pneumonia Day 2011

On 12 November people around the world took action as part of Save the Children’s campaigning activities for World Pneumonia Day, calling on governments to take action to stop the world’s biggest killer of children. In events that featured celebrity ambassadors, mass rallies, and political decision makers, Save the Children acted as a strong and credible voice calling for an end to 1.5 million avoidable child deaths from pneumonia every year. Read more

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